Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My first post.

After much deliberation, and a lot of friendly persuasion....here is my first ever blog entry on January 24, 2012, I'm not really sure how all this works, but I guess I'll learn it as I go.

I'm not one to talk about myself, but I will talk about this journey that I'm on. It started seriously early 2003 after dabbling with it since I was a child, making beaded bracelets and necklaces. Jewellery is one of those things that depicts thousands of years of self expression. How we look, often determines how we feel. I think jewellery is and should be a unique adornment. The same piece shouldn't be seen on several people, let alone two.

I have been designing my own jewellery since I was quite young, and have always had it made by a professional jeweller friend. Then one day in 1990, I was in his studio and wanting to restyle a ring, he passed over his torch and told me to have fun. Oh my.....didn't that send the butterflies scurrying in my stomach.....but....as I held the torch to the ring, and melted it...I was overwhelmed by the feeling of release. What was left? a tarnished gold nugget. It was sheer joy!

So I have dabbled in metalsmithing jewellery since then. And in early 2003 I rediscovered beads, and the beauty that I could create with these little fiddly things. Friends and their friends started to buy my pieces and then the commissions started to happen. I learnt to design and create for someone else's style - a part of the journey I really enjoy.

Today, I dabble in many mediums to create jewellery and jewellery components, and this blog will show some of those pieces and where this journey is taking me.

I hope this journey inspires you as much as it will help me in my self expression and experimentation. You will also see frogs pop up every once in  a while as they inspire me, and I may have a huge fascination with them.

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