Thursday, April 26, 2012

Battle Of The Beadsmith 2012

I have been invited to participate in a worlwide super challenge with 64 extremely talented bead artists from around the globe. To say this is an honour would be an understatement. To bead beside these creative people is daunting, but a challenge that I look forward to with many butterflies to spur my creativity on...LOL
Here are the guidelines:

Beadsmith Elimination Tournament

In an effort to create more awareness of some of the incredible bead artistry being executed by bead masters worldwide, I thought it would be fun to set up a beading "tournament" where original works can be viewed, shared, and celebrated both by the participants, and the beading public alike.

64 seed bead artists have been invited to participate in an elimination "tournament" to determine which piece of their original beadwork best captures the imagination of 101 of their fellow designers, specialty bead shop owners, and members of various beading magazine editorial staffs.

On May 14th, random artist pairings will be created, establishing a first round of competition, consisting of 32 artists vs. artist "contests". (For example, round one might have the work of Californian Linda Roberts paired up against the work of Vermont's Nancy Dale, and so on.)

Artists will then have Seven weeks from the announcement of the first round pairings to create, a single piece of original beadwork, and submit four photos best highlighting the works most important elements. The 62 competitors not involved in a particular round one "contest", plus 41 invited judges, will vote for the piece that best captures their imagination. A majority of at least 85 of the possible 103 total voters will be enough to determine a winner. All necklaces, bracelets, earring, brooches, headpieces, belts, handbags, or any other wearable adornments are acceptable for submission. The deadline for all of the submissions, by the artists, is July 10th, Tuesday

The 32 winners of round one will be randomly paired again in one of the 16 new "contests" in round 2 and the voting process will begin again.

The 8 winners of round two are again randomly paired in 4 new round 3 "contests" to determine the final four competitors.

The 4 winners of round 3 are randomly paired in two "contests" to determine the final two competitors.

Round 4 determines the winner.......

And here are the participants:

Olga Petterson-Sweden, Sigifredo Contreras-Mexico, Linda Roberts- USA, Heather Kingsley Heath- England, Sharayah Sheldon-USA,  Helena Tang-Singapore, Nancy Dale-USA, Cynthia Newcomer Daniel-USA, Patrick Duggan-Australia, Marsha Wiest Hines- USA, Carol Dean Sharpe-USA, Annie Hatvani-Hungary, Christina Neit-USA, Sue Horine-USA, Ann Braginsky-Israel, Lea Palickova-Czech Republic, Alexandra Sydorenko-USA, Betty Stephan-USA, Callie Mitchell-USA, Christian Rodriguez-USA, Eva Dobos-Hungary, Katka Vaclavikova-Czech Republic, Misan Tejre-Sweden, Kinga Nichols-USA, Melissa Ingram-Australia, Anneta Valious-France, Mikki Ferrugiaro-USA, Miriam Cielo Shimon-Israel, Amy Katz-USA, Elke Leonhardt Rath- Germany,  Irina Chikineva-Russia, Edgar Lopez Disenos-Dominican Republic, Kassie Inman-USA, Orsolya Füzesi-Hungary,  Jill Thomas-England, Ibolya Ingesné Barkóczi-Hungary, Éva Csizmadia Lajosné-Hungary, Nausikka Dahllof-Sweden, Nella Moskvichjova-Russia, Julia Turova-Russia, Alla Vizir-Ukraine, Lynn Davy-England, Dini Alves-USA, Guzialia Reed-Japan, Alla Maslennikova -Russia, Sandra Dokter van Esveld-The Netherlands, Olga Haserodt-Germany, Joanne Browne-Australia, Jennifer Chasalow VanBenschoten-USA, Rosita Pisarchick-USA, Roxan O'brien USA, Christine Boyer Maj-USA, Kathy King-USA, Susan Brackett-USA, Olga Shumilova-Russia, Neva Brown-Australia, Ella Des- Belgrade Serbia (and wherever her boat takes her), Katherine Gezey-Ukraine, Lauren Macgregor -Australia, Hannah Rosner-Ohio, Ekaterina Kalinina-Russia, Marta Koudelova-Czech Republic, Terri Richards-USA, Marina Nosova-Russia

The Judges:

Sabine Lippert-Germany, Smadar Grossmann-Israel, Maggie Roschyk-USA, Adele Rogers Recklies-USA, Diane Hyde-USA, Jean Campbell-USA, Patrizia Tager-Israel, Zoya Gutina-USA, Jana Tarhala-Finland, Kerrie Slade-England, Laura Boudloche Zeiner-USA, Cath Thomas-Switzerland, Heather Collin-South Africa, Claudia Schuman-Germany, Chloe Menage-England (Bead Magazine Editor), Laura Andrews-USA, Kathleen Mccabe-Elsey- USA, Julia Gerlach-USA (Bead and Button Magazine Editor), Diane Fitzgerald- USA, Verena Greene-Christ- Germany (Perlen Poesie Magazine), Jean Power- England, Ana Garcia-USA, Paulette Rosner Baron-USA, Amy Blevins- New Jersey, Kelly Nealon-Australia (Australian Beading Magazine Editor), Melinda Barta-USA (Beadwork Magazine Editor), Karin Nilsson-Sweden, Jo Lochhead-Scotland, Kandra Norsigian-California, Kenj Katsuoka-Japan (Miyuki Company), Juliet Browse-England, Jamie Cloud Eakin-USA, Pamela Hawkins-USA (Bead Design Studio Magazine Editor), Marjon Donker-The Netherlands ( Editor Polymer To Art Magazine), Kate Bannister Tracton- USA, Deb Moffet Hall-USA (Bead- Patterns The Magazine & Quick Stitch Peyote Card), Barbara Conrad-USA, Lea Avroch-USA, MaryLou Holvenstot-USA, Anna Elizabeth Draeger-USA, Galina Pchelkina-Russia (Editor of Чудесные мгновения Magazine)