Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Its been a while.....

WOW! its almost a year since my last post..... can you tell I dont like talking about myself? LOL.... I guess I should get over it.... so let me fill you in.....

In a nutshell.... I have had 4 exhibitions/shows, and they were all successful to different degrees. 3 at my usual haunt of Oatley 101, and one at St Gregory's College.

I entered the Royal Easter Show here in Sydney, and my piece 'Bianca' received a 3rd Place.

Bianca is part of a bridal collection I was asked to create. I soon hope to be involved with a Bridal Fair, creating beautiful things for today's brides. Already my pieces have been featured in Citigraphica Photography and Event Planning's promotions.

Again I was a participant in this year's Battle Of The Beadsmith international contest/battle, and my piece 'La Bohemme' made it to round 2. The piece is made up of clearly fabulous Swarovski Crystal focal elements and lots of Miyuki seed beads. It is extremely light once worn, and drapes the lines of the neckline comfortably.

Here is also a photo so you can see the actual size of the piece on my beautiful model.

This year's Battle was a challenge in itself, just prior to it commencing, I was involved in a car accident, which totally aggravated my existing neck injury/disability., and the week after that, I commenced a work contract... which again played havoc on my neck, so commencement on my piece was waylayed till I could sit long enough in my studio without excrutiating pain. So my initial design idea, although not what you see above, was quite elaborate and complex in construction, didn't come to fruition. I had purchased all the beads needed for its evolution, the piece was complete in my mind's eye. Sadly it was not meant to be..... but it will happen in my future.

I have also been writing tutorials, or should I say trying to write them... I have 4 or 5 on the go at the moment.... I love drawing the pictures but dislike adding the words. probably because I cant read a tutorial to save my life, so trying to write text for one, is proving to be a trying thing. I will persevere, as I have had quite a number of requests for tutorials of my designs.

My work contract ended, and I have been beading in small quantities, and producing some lovely pendants, and generally having a bit of fun, with no pressure.

It's winter in Australia at the moment, and I just love to sit in the sun and crochet. So as the next show is next weekend, I have decided to produce some lovely and warm neck cowls, with matching brooches to have for sale. I do hope people like the idea, and make some of them their own.

I promise I shall try and post here more often, hopefully every week.... but if I don't, please send me a reminder :)